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iSimulate Patient Monitor Simulators for Medical Emergency Training.

Ambulances and hospitals are using many different monitors and the iSimulate Patient Monitor Simulators mimic and include almost all of them. Some examples include proprietary monitors and defibrillators like Zoll, Corpuls, Philips – with each system you can pick and choose exactly those monitors you are working with every day and need to train on.

How to train usage of patient monitors?

With iSimulate, 3B Scientific offers modular systems to configure a patient monitor simulator that exactly fits your skills lab’s or emergency medical training’s requirements. The patient monitors are offered in three different base version:

REALITi is the complete system for highly advanced patient simulation and includes the patient simulator, CPR feedback and video debriefing. You can choose and add the mimicked proprietary monitors and defibrillators you need to train your medical personnel, paramedics, rescue services and fire fighters. More modules can be added anytime and the set-up is extremely easy and quick.

Two options are available for the REALITi Patient Monitor System:
  • REALITI Plus with 1 monitor screen of your choice. Learn more
  • REALITi Pro with 5 monitor screens of you choice, video analysis and CPR feedback. Learn more
ALSi is the light version of a simulated patient monitor. Its configuration allows Advanced Life Support (ALS) training in the actual environment of Intensive Care Units and in the field. With ActiveWave, ALSi delivers clear, crisp and flexible waveforms; the easy to use interface allows the creation of complex training scenarios within minutes. ALSi comes inside a custom designed bag that looks just like an actual monitor to add even more realism to your training. Learn more

CTGi is a highly advanced and realistic fetal heart rate monitor simulator. It allows users to create realistic traces with exceptional detail. With CTGi, any obstetric training manikin can be turned into a high fidelity simulator. Learn more

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Simulated Patient Monitor - REALITi Go, 1022862, Patient Monitor and Defibrillator Simulators
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Simulated Patient Monitor - REALITi Go

Item: 1022862

Remote Control Module for REALITi 360 Simulated Patient Monitors, 8001015, Patient Monitor and Defibrillator Simulators
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Remote Control Module for REALITi 360 Simulated Patient Monitors

Item: 8001015

ZOLL EMV+® Ventilator Screen Simulation for REALITi360, 8001016, Patient Monitor and Defibrillator Simulators
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ZOLL EMV+® Ventilator Screen Simulation for REALITi360

Item: 8001016