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Arm, 1021823, 전문 외상처치술
New -


Item: 1021823

Cricothyrotomy Simulator, 1017239 [W44016], 전문 외상처치술
New -

Cricothyrotomy Simulator

Item: 1017239 [W44016]
5 year warranty

Deluxe Cricothyrotomy Simulator, 1017948 [W44775], 전문 외상처치술
New -

Deluxe Cricothyrotomy Simulator

Item: 1017948 [W44775]

Humerus IO Trainer, 1020184, 전문 외상처치술

Humerus IO Trainer

Item: 1020184

Cricothyrotomy Simulator, 1020255, 전문 외상처치술

Cricothyrotomy Simulator

Item: 1020255
5 year warranty

Chester Chest™ With New Advanced Arm, 1021821, 전문 외상처치술

Chester Chest™ With New Advanced Arm

Item: 1021821

Simulaids® PHTLS Moulage Kit, 1021940, 전문 외상처치술

Simulaids® PHTLS Moulage Kit

Item: 1021940

Tracheotomy Trainer, 1021941, 전문 외상처치술

Tracheotomy Trainer

Item: 1021941

Xtreme Trauma Moulage Kit, 1021948, 전문 외상처치술

Xtreme Trauma Moulage Kit

Item: 1021948

Simulaids® Weapons of Mass Destruction Kit, 1021949, 전문 외상처치술

Simulaids® Weapons of Mass Destruction Kit

Item: 1021949

Patient Education Tracheostomy Care Set, 1021973, 전문 외상처치술

Patient Education Tracheostomy Care Set

Item: 1021973

Chest Drain Simulator, 1005175 [W19356], 전문 외상처치술

Chest Drain Simulator

Item: 1005175 [W19356]

Chest Wall, 1005176 [W19357], 전문 외상처치술

Chest Wall

Item: 1005176 [W19357]

Cricotracheotomy Trainer, 1005180 [W19361], 전문 외상처치술

Cricotracheotomy Trainer

Item: 1005180 [W19361]

Mini Cricotracheotomy Trainer Individual, 1005184 [W19365], 전문 외상처치술

Mini Cricotracheotomy Trainer Individual

Item: 1005184 [W19365]

Mini Cricotracheotomy Trainer, 4-Packs, 1005185 [W19366], 전문 외상처치술

Mini Cricotracheotomy Trainer, 4-Packs

Item: 1005185 [W19366]

Tracheotomy Care Simulator, 1005592 [W44011], 전문 외상처치술

Tracheotomy Care Simulator

Item: 1005592 [W44011]
5 year warranty

Central Venous Cannulation Simulator, 1005595 [W44017], 전문 외상처치술

Central Venous Cannulation Simulator

Item: 1005595 [W44017]
5 year warranty

Pneumothorax Training Manikin, 1005713 [W44524], 전문 외상처치술

Pneumothorax Training Manikin

Item: 1005713 [W44524]

Life/form® Chest Tube Manikin, 1017946 [W44673], 전문 외상처치술

Life/form® Chest Tube Manikin

Item: 1017946 [W44673]
5 year warranty

Truman Trauma X, 1020959 [W45207], 전문 외상처치술

Truman Trauma X

Item: 1020959 [W45207]
5 year warranty

Chester Chest™ With New Advanced Arm, 1009801 [W46507/1], 전문 외상처치술

Chester Chest™ With New Advanced Arm

Item: 1009801 [W46507/1]

Peter PICC, 1017957 [W46510], 전문 외상처치술

Peter PICC

Item: 1017957 [W46510]

Life/form® Pericardiocentesis Simulator, 1018828 [W486452], 전문 외상처치술

Life/form® Pericardiocentesis Simulator

Item: 1018828 [W486452]
5 year warranty

Life/form® NG Tube & Trach Skills Simulator, 1006058 [W99834], 전문 외상처치술

Life/form® NG Tube & Trach Skills Simulator

Item: 1006058 [W99834]
5 year warranty