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Blood typing with Rhesus factor, 1005072 [W16130], 유전학 실험

Blood typing with Rhesus factor

Item: 1005072 [W16130]

Experiment Set “DNA Extraction from Onion”, 1019597 [W199271], 유전학 실험

Experiment Set “DNA Extraction from Onion”

Item: 1019597 [W199271]

Experiment Set “DNA Fingerprint”, 1013458 [W19937], 유전학 실험

Experiment Set “DNA Fingerprint”

Item: 1013458 [W19937]

Polymerase Chain Reaction, 1005879 [W48924], 유전학 실험

Polymerase Chain Reaction

Item: 1005879 [W48924]

Learning Game “Alleles and their Expression”, 1005930 [W55617], 유전학 실험

Learning Game “Alleles and their Expression”

Item: 1005930 [W55617]

Diagnosing Gene Defects Lab, 1005937 [W55797], 유전학 실험

Diagnosing Gene Defects Lab

Item: 1005937 [W55797]