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Model for Gynecological Patient Education, 1013705 [P53], 성교육

Model for Gynecological Patient Education

Item: 1013705 [P53]
3 year warranty

Teaching Case “10 Contraceptives”, 1020590 [W150001], 성교육

Teaching Case “10 Contraceptives”

Item: 1020590 [W150001]

후천성 면역 결핍증 모형
HIV - Model - 3B Smart Anatomy, 1000336 [L40], 성교육

후천성 면역 결핍증 모형
HIV - Model - 3B Smart Anatomy

Item: 1000336 [L40]
3B Smart Anatomy 5 year warranty

여성 콘돔 사용법 모형Training Model for a Female Condom (white skin tone), 1000339 [L41/2], 성교육

여성 콘돔 사용법 모형
Training Model for a Female Condom (white skin tone)

Item: 1000339 [L41/2]
3 year warranty

남성 콘돔 사용법 모형Condom training model, white skin tone, 1000340 [L42], 성교육

남성 콘돔 사용법 모형
Condom training model, white skin tone

Item: 1000340 [L42]
3 year warranty

Birth Control Chart, 4006707 [VR1591UU], 성교육

Birth Control Chart

Item: 4006707 [VR1591UU]

HIV and AIDS Chart, 4006722 [VR1725UU], 성교육

HIV and AIDS Chart

Item: 4006722 [VR1725UU]

Display of Contraceptives, 1017851, 성교육

Display of Contraceptives

Item: 1017851

Condom Training Models, 1005115 [W19101], 성교육

Condom Training Models

Item: 1005115 [W19101]

Condom Training Model, 1005560 [W43001], 성교육

Condom Training Model

Item: 1005560 [W43001]

Female Pelvis Contraceptive Model, 1017935 [W43079], 성교육

Female Pelvis Contraceptive Model

Item: 1017935 [W43079]

Understanding Birth Control, 1018279 [W43084], 성교육

Understanding Birth Control

Item: 1018279 [W43084]

The Consequences of STDs -3D Display, 1018280 [W43089], 성교육

The Consequences of STDs -3D Display

Item: 1018280 [W43089]

The Consequences of HIV/AIDS - 3D Display, 1018281 [W43090], 성교육

The Consequences of HIV/AIDS - 3D Display

Item: 1018281 [W43090]

I.U.D Trainer, 1005766 [W44615], 성교육

I.U.D Trainer

Item: 1005766 [W44615]

Family Planning Educator, 1005784 [W45009], 성교육

Family Planning Educator

Item: 1005784 [W45009]

I.U.D Trainer, 1005825 [W45152], 성교육

I.U.D Trainer

Item: 1005825 [W45152]

Female Condom Model, 1005826 [W45154], 성교육

Female Condom Model

Item: 1005826 [W45154]

Reproductive Implant Training Arm, 1012451 [W45155], 성교육

Reproductive Implant Training Arm

Item: 1012451 [W45155]

Cell to Embryo Development -  Model Activity Set, 1018403 [W40215], 성교육

Cell to Embryo Development - Model Activity Set

Item: 1018403 [W40215]

Four-Month Fetus Model Activity Set, 1018404 [W40216], 성교육

Four-Month Fetus Model Activity Set

Item: 1018404 [W40216]